UncategorizedGame Day: Boynton Beach 12-15-2018

December 15, 20180
Caloosa Park


U11 be at field by 9:30am
Womens U19 be at the field at 9:45am
Boys U19 be at field by 10am

U11 kick off at 10:00am
U19W kick off 10:30am
U19 kick off at 11:00am
U19 B-side match right after

After the core set of matches we will be running a second set of matches for the following groups:
Womens U19 (mix match)
Boys U19
Boys U19B

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The Jupiter Sharks Rugby Team is built on the following core values:
R – Respect for self, opponents, parents, teachers, and laws and traditions of Rugby.
U – Unselfish during play, but also in life outside of Rugby.
G – Gracious and humble in victory and defeat, whether on or off the field.
B – Bold and Brave on the field, and when facing life’s many challenges.
Y – Yearning to improve, not only as a Rugby player but as a person.




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